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  • FS

    Frank S.

    tammi 14, 2022

  • KP

    Kyle P.

    tammi 11, 2022

  • SS

    Steve S.

    tammi 4, 2022

    Maribella is excellent the best cut I have had EVER! Highly recommend her.

  • Mitchell F.

    joulu 21, 2021

    Always a joy having my hair cut by Maribel. Excellent skills, especially when she uses a razor to cut hair. And she's just so kind to talk with..

  • KP

    Kyle P.

    joulu 15, 2021

    Great haircut and amazing staff.

  • Edward W.

    joulu 11, 2021

    Thank You Maribel. I received a compliment for my haircut. Of course, You get credit. After all, it’s why I’ve been traveling from Rehoboth Beach the last four years for Your haircuts. Best to You Ed.

  • GM

    Gabriella M.

    marras 19, 2021

    Mirabella is a sweet and very competent hairdresser. Her stylish salon is a perfect place to relax while revitalizing your hair. My family was very happy to see my sharp new haircut done by her. Thank you!.

  • FK

    Fay K.

    marras 11, 2021

  • Edward W.

    marras 6, 2021

    Believe it or not, I wouldn't accept a free haircut in my hometown of Rehoboth Beach. Yes, I've been driving to Wilmington for my haircuts for years..

  • Lorenzo E.

    marras 5, 2021

  • Micah V.

    marras 4, 2021

  • Isen S.

    loka 29, 2021

    Great cut as always from Maribella!.

  • Liz B.

    loka 29, 2021

    She gave me a “shag” cut and this treatment takes the bulk and fuzzy ends off. She listens to her customers and takes her time. She is the best stylist..

  • Edward W.

    loka 8, 2021

    Another trip( of many) from Rehoboth Beach. I feel like a million bucks with my haircut..

  • Iris C.

    syys 14, 2021

    Very friendly and amazing customer service !.

  • Edward W.

    syys 3, 2021

    Another of many trips from Rehoboth Beach (at least 90 miles) for a haircut. Maribel, You’re the best. Ed.

  • FS

    Frank S.

    syys 3, 2021

  • Aaron G.

    elo 27, 2021

    Excellent service, good conversation, and a great haircut in a classy location what more can you want.

  • BL

    Brenda L.

    elo 20, 2021

    This is the only salon that I trust to properly deal with my hair. Maribel extensive knowledge and skills are truly unmatched..

  • Bill D.

    elo 13, 2021

    Tony always gives a great cut! Can't beat the quality for the price! I changed in the spring of 2020 as soon as hair salons opened up again and found this gem. I won't be going back I found my favorite!.

  • JR

    Jonathan R.

    heinä 20, 2021

    Maribella was great. I got a really nice haircut..

  • Rizwan J.

    heinä 10, 2021

    Great experience!! Will definately come back.

  • EV

    Eric V.

    heinä 7, 2021

  • SW

    stephen w.

    heinä 2, 2021

  • Neal D.

    kesä 26, 2021